Waterborne Transport and Air Pollution Laboratory

Paulius Rapalis

Research and improvement of waterborne transport efficiency and ecological parameters. Analysis of complete spectre of topics including fuels, engine and hull design and environmental performance.

Analysis of heavy fuel oil, diesel biofuels and mixtures, wood pellets and similar

  • oxidation stability, density, viscosity, heating value, elemental composition, cetane number and water content
  • cold fuel properties: pour point, filtration and flash point
  • fuel and oil lubrication properties
  • calorific value, elemental composition, ash and moisture content

Analysis of exhaust gas composition from ships, locomotives, buses, etc.

  • NOx, NO, SOx, CO, CO2 concentration in exhaust gas and exhaust gas opacity
  • NO, NO2 CO, CO2, SO2, VOC, O3 PM10 and PM2.5 concentration in ambient air
  • plume from fuel burning equipment

Dual fuel engine test bench

  • evaluation of energetic and environmental parameters of alternative fuels
  • analysis and optimisation of use of natural gas in a dual fuel cycle
  • optimization of the engine work cycle according to the nature of the characteristic load
  • analysis of fuel properties and performance

Flow channel

  • analysis of fluid dynamics and flow around objects
  • operation process modelling and analysis of vessels and other floating and hydro-engineering objects and equipment
  • analysis of washout and wave impact of quays
  • analysis on building structures interaction with water flow and waves
  • analysis of ship hydrodynamics processes


• Vario MACRO CHNS elemental analyser
• Calorimeter IKA C 5003
• Viscometer TV 2500b
• FPP 5Gs Filtering Limit Temperature Analyser
• MOC-120H Shimadzu Humidity Analyser
• PetroOXY Oxidation Stability Analyser
• PetroSpec TD-PPA-I Diesel Fuel Analyser
• SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer
• FP93 5G2 Flash Point Analyser
• CPP 5 Gs Puor Point Analyser
• Aquamax Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator
• Airpointers – Complex Analysers
• Thermo 410i – CO2 Analyser
• Meteorological Sensor “Lufft” WS600UMB
• Trimble Juno 3B / 3D GPS Receiver
• Horiba Apha 370 CH Analyser
• Volvo Penta Dual Fuel Engine With Data Acquisition System
• Caterpillar Diesel Generator
• Testo Maritime Analyser
• Horiba PG 250 Analyser
• Opacimeter MAHA MDO-2 LON
• Flow channel (10 x 1,2 x 0,8 m)