• Klaipeda University
  • 08 September 2023

Thursday seminar with Simona Laukaitytė: "Plant-animal interactions in seagrass habitats"

Time:  21-09-2023, 15:20-16:30, Room: KU JTI 303.

About what: Plant-animal interactions play a crucial role in shaping ecosystems, and seagrass habitats are no exception. Join us in this seminar as we delve into the intricate species interactions within green underwater meadows, shedding light on the less-explored non-consumptive relationships in the marine ecosystem.

The lecture will be given by Simona Laukaityte. She has finalized a joint PhD in benthic ecology from the University of Groningen (NL) and Macquarie University (AU). Over the past three years, Simona’s research has focused on scrutinizing the significance of fauna in seagrass development and growth. The investigation encompassed both lab-based and on-site experiments, where the range of unknowns was unraveled, starting with the impact of infauna on seagrass seeds, followed by the role of large bioturbating fish in seagrass seedling growth, and ultimately exploring the behavioral adaptations of clams in seagrass habitats. In addition, the study examined the impact of shifting climate conditions, specifically heatwaves and rising water temperatures, with the aim of forecasting the future of these interspecific relationships and, consequently, the condition of seagrass habitats in the near term.


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